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Law Schools’ Struggle With Counting Continues


WATCHDOG SAYS SCHOOLS FAIL TO MEET ABA REQUIREMENTS ON REPORTING JOB DATA The long-term battle between legal educators and counting remains unresolved according to the watchdogs at Law School Transparency. Counting, the action of finding the number … [Continue reading]

Legal Residency Proposal Dodges Meaningful Reform

PROGRAM WOULD SERVE NO TANGIBLE BENEFIT TO STUDENTS Even math-challenged attorneys can tell you that four plus three plus two equals nine. That number, by itself, represents a lot of things to different people, from a Ted Williams jersey to a … [Continue reading]

Five Hot Tips to Help New Lawyers Thrive in a Down Economy


Things have been rough for new attorneys this year. Lately, it may seem like the system was built to keep us in a perpetual state of unemployment. Hungry Hungry Lawyers has scoured the web for news stories to help perk up your spirits and has … [Continue reading]

Why ‘The Atlantic’ Is Only Half Right About the Legal Job Market


AND HOW IT SPREADS A FAULTY PERCEPTION ABOUT THE DEMAND FOR NEW ATTORNEYS It's hard to blame The Atlantic for reaching what would appear a perfectly logical conclusion: That an abundance of unemployed attorneys signals a diminished need for new … [Continue reading]

BC Law Dean Thinks It’s Time to Inform Naive Undergrads

SCREAMING EAGLE: Vincent Rougeau, Dean of BC Law, says it's time to inform undergrads on the realities of law school.

BUT MANAGING EXPECTATIONS WILL NOT MAKE A BETTER LAW SCHOOL The condescending notion that prospective law students need to be educated on "reality" in order to "fix law school" is uttered far too frequently. Vincent Rougeau, Dean of Boston … [Continue reading]

Cut Classes, Cut Costs


ELIMINATING 3L WOULD HELP STUDENTS MANAGE COSTS Make Law Schools Earn a Third Year, a thoughtful piece in last week's New York Times, discussed potential law school reforms that could make life a little easier for their recent graduates. The idea … [Continue reading]

Harsh Reply/Job Application to My Shingle’s Caroyln Elefant


AN OPEN LETTER TO AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY WHO PICKS ON EASY TARGETS Dear, Carolyn Elefant: My name is David Brown. I am writing as an admirer of your blog, The Shingle, and your dedication to helping solo and small practitioners succeed. … [Continue reading]

Information? Please!


CONSIDERING THE VALUE OF INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS IN THE CURRENT LEGAL MARKET A career services counselor is likely to tell you that informational interviews are “essential for an effective job search.” While it’s true that informational … [Continue reading]